About the foundation

Sourav Ganguly Cricket School is managed by SGF which is a unit of Ganguly Education & Welfare Society, which is incorporated under Govt. of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This Cricket Clinic is the brainchild of Mr. Sourav Ganguly. This is a clinic where not only cricketing skill would be nurtured and developed but also the holistic development of the student is assured. This is a place where boys are not only trained about the fine nuances of the game but also instilled with sense of toughness and never-say-die approach. Sourav Ganguly Cricket School is especially for schools where students will be a part from the game of cricket, other important traits like temperament, discipline, developing physical fitness, public speaking qualities and building the personality of every cricketer are also looked into. This will enable them to withstand pressure and perform at higher levels of the game. Sourav Ganguly Cricket School strives for its cricketers to grow up to become gentlemen cricketers. The institute works towards developing this interest in the sport into a disciplined game replete with superior technical skills.

Foundation Motto & Special Characteristics

Coaching clinics and programs are conducted by accredited coaches with experienced Cricketers and coaches as head coaches. At the top of the Pyramid is the iconic figure Mr. Sourav Ganguly
Skill-intensive sessions which focus on teaching correct techniques–in an educationally-sound environment.
Intra-group matches will be held to scout better talents for upgraded training and those not up-to-the-mark will be filtered for evaluation and development.
Those students who show prospect of bright future will be scouted for under-age tournaments within the state and then within the country.
Those who will really stand-out in the eyes of Mr. Sourav Ganguly will be sent abroad as a team for tasting the topmost level of the game.
Students with outstanding talent and potential, as per Mr. Sourav Ganguly, may also be recommended to top level academies outside the country for individual high performance training.