A leading brand needs a Leader’s Face.

Sourav Ganguly – The name itself represents Trust, Passion, Courage, Reliability and Success.
His presence only boosts immense confidence both on and off the field.
That’s why various companies across the globe appointed him to represent their brand and they benefited out of it.

Associating with Sourav Ganguly means increase in Goodwill, Market Value, Popularity and Growth as an end result.
Sourav Ganguly always believes that in all aspects of life opportunity should be given to performers which will in turn create long term success.

The fan – following and the image of Mr. Ganguly is comparable to none. His success story is an example across every field of action which he has ever been involved with.

The Corporates/ Companies / Brands has also got that extended success by associating with him.
That’s why he is currently the Ranked 3rd among entire Cricket fraternity and Number 1 among the retired cricketer in the endorsement ground. (please find the detailed story in below links)

By Business Standard: Sourav Ganguly powers down the endorsement pitch

By Market 4 Sport: Sourav Ganguly jumps up to third spot amongst cricketers in brand endorsements deals

By Press Readers: With Tetley, Essilor and other brands seeking him out, Ganguly is the highest paid endorser among retired cricketers

Top Companies are receiving immense success currently not only at Regional level but at national level also by taking Mr. Ganguly on board.

His presence in television generates high TRP. For e.g. DADAGIRI is a massive success story of ZEE BANGLA. This is not only a Flagship show for the channel but also the most viewed program in Eastern part of India on television and also the digital platform across the world.

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